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Herbaceous Border  £700
Herbaceous Border  £700
Herbaceous Border  £700

If you are looking for a way to brighten up your living space, why not consider impressionist floral paintings? These artworks capture the beauty and vibrancy of nature in a style that is both expressive and elegant. Impressionist floral paintings use light, colour and brushstrokes to create a sense of movement and atmosphere.

Welcome to my Gallery of flowers ,I'm excited to share some of my best works with you. In this gallery, you can see a variety of floral themes that capture the beauty and diversity of nature. If you want to see more of my art, please visit the SHOP section where you can find different sizes and prices to fit your needs and preferences. 

Wild Garden £1200 Colourful floral painting by Colette Baumback


If you love flowers, you will adore Wild Garden, a large spectacular meadow painting that showcases the splendour and drama of nature. This artwork is created with acrylic paint on a large canvas (100 x 100 x 2cm) that will brighten up your space with colour and energy. 
I used a palette knife, cloth and card to add texture and detail to the flowers and leaves. The painting is signed on the front and ready to hang.

What could be more delightful than a bunch of flowers that never fade? That's what you get with my still life paintings. I have a variety of beautiful artworks to choose from. One of them is Peonies, a modern still life painting, acrylic on canvas size 40x50 x 4cm. I used thick paint and a palette knife to create this piece. It shows creamy pink peonies in a glass vase on a soft blue background. The colours are fresh and bright, perfect for spring.

Peonies £295 impressionist still life painting  by Colette Baumback
Lavender Hill £850.00 lavender painting by Colette Baumback


I am fascinated by water lilies and how they inspire me to paint them. I enjoy the challenge of portraying their delicate beauty and the shimmering water around them. This is one of the biggest paintings in this series, where I focused on light and reflections on the lily pond. I used acrylic on canvas, size 102 x 76 x 2 cm, and a palette knife to create this original impressionist painting. I applied glazes and different techniques to make the reflections look realistic. The artwork is signed on the front and ready to hang, with the colour continuing on the sides of the canvas.

Blossom in the Wind no2 Blossom painting by Colette Baumback


As well as being a painter I am a keen gardener, if not in the studio, then I’m in the garden. During the warmer months I visit gardens and naturally this inspiration translates into paintings.  I am drawn a border bursting with of flowers, observing the way the light plays on the plants. This painting Herbaceous Border portrays the beauty of the summer border. The combination of colours and subtle shapes capturing the spirit of flowers and fauna in all their glory.
The work was created using a variety of different techniques and painted in acrylic on canvas. This large colourful painting is size: 91x61x 2 cm, It is signed on the front sold unframed( colour extends around the edge of the canvas and is ready to hang  

I l
ove the sight of a lavender field in full bloom. It fills me with joy and inspiration. Lavender is one of my favourite flowers to paint and I have a variety of lavender paintings available in my online shop. This painting is one of my biggest ones. It is a deep edge canvas that measures 90x61x5 cm. I used acrylic paint and a palette knife to create this work. It has many shades of lilac and purple that make the painting come alive. The work has texture and the design covers the edges of the canvas. It is sold unframed and ready to hang.

Lilly Pond no4 Impressionist water Lilly  painting by Colette Baumback


Beautiful spring blossom, I adore the onset of spring.  The season is characterised by the explosion of pink, as cherry blossoms unveil their lovely flowers and their petals line the ground like confetti. In Japan, cherry blossom (Sakura) has a deep cultural significance and represents the exquisite beauty and also the fragility of life. Painting these beautiful blossoms has long been a passion for me this painting Blossom in the wind is one of many , created with a palette knife the paintings are layered with pastel colour of spring

Herbaceous Border  £700 flower Garden painting by Colette Baumback


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